5,555 Chimps shouting out "GM!!“
GM Chimps is a project for NFT starters. We pride ourselves on a tutorial for non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, where you can enjoy all the glorious moments in NFT history.

Our tutorial is a way to walk you through the fundamental impact and significance of owning an NFT.

What makes our NFTs notable is our NFTs consist of clever and unique chimps.
The benefit to owing our NFTs is that they are exclusive to our community. As a chimp holder, you will not only experience the belonging and camaraderie within the community, but also a community phrase, DAO, raiding, mutation, breeding, merch, staking, metaverse, land sale and so much more.
Chimpions Community
The great thing about this community is that it has something for everyone. Experience all the exciting stuff that NFT has provided to people in the past years; holding a chimpions NFT will guarantee all these memorable events. After all, this is just the beginning of NFTs. So put a smile on your face and say “Good Morning Chimpions”..
The Founders
Big Bob Developer
Crystal Artist
Per our milestones, we seek to focus on community engagement. We want to provide a space for all holders to share their thoughts, ambitions, and goals. We want each holder to support other chimps in the community, and hang out in a positive, inviting space.

Here in the GM Chimp community, we want to start every day with gratitude and encouragement. We know the daily grind is tough, and we want to ensure that every chimp recognizes the positivity and value that they bring to the community, which means that things like merch drops, minting, and staking, as well as developments in the metaverse are ways that we want to support you.

We value your input and involvement in our future projects, and we foresee GM Chimps expanding in several directions. So, stay tuned for more opportunities on the horizon.
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